Mosaics Gallery
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Glass Mosaic Rooster Panel (14"x16").
Lovebirds Hurricane Lamp (10") - Glass on Glass mosaic. Wedding present for neighbor's daughter.
Eagle Scout Plaque (12"x11"). Stained Glass mosaic on wood.
Eagle Scout Plaque/Trivet (6"x6")  made for a scout who just earned his Eagle Scout badge. I was his Cubmaster when he was a Cub Scout. (stained glass on wood)
Dragonfly quilt square (6"x7") for 2009 ASGLA calendar.
Mosaic Lazy Susan (15" diameter). Glass on wood. Audible Treats (Music marketing company), Brooklin, NY.
Panda Tabletop (18" diameter). Glass and tile on wood. Made for our 25th Anniversary.
Panda Trivet (8" square). Glass on wood. Goes with the Panda tabletop.
Mosaic Valentine Heart (14"x13"). Glass on concrete, sytrofoam & fiberglass substrate.
Dragon fortune cookie (18"x18"x10"). Top and bottom views. Stained glass on concrete, sytrofoam & fiberglass substrate.
3/4 view of dragon fortune cookie. A paper fortune is peeking out from the side.
Double lotus in rippling pond (9"x12"). Stained glass on wood.
Koi & Lotus Flower: 12"x12" Italian smalti on wooden frame.
Koi Pond (Full View): 16" diameter sphere. Contains stained glass, Mexican smalti, vitreous glass, glass rods, glass nuggets, glass beads, and pebbles.
Koi Pond (Detail-1): 16" diameter sphere. Contains stained glass, Mexican smalti, vitreous glass, glass rods, glass nuggets, glass beads, and pebbles.
Koi Pond (Detail-2): 16" diameter sphere. Contains stained glass, Mexican smalti, vitreous glass, glass rods, glass nuggets, glass beads, and pebbles.
Feeding On Orchids -
12"x12" mosaic containing stained glass, mirror, vitreous glass and millefiori.
Bald Eagle Fused Mosaic: 6"x6" fused mosaic using stained glass and powdered frit.
Day & Night in the City by the Bay:
12"x18" stained glass, Mexican smalti, and mirror on MDF, with delorean gray and midnight blue grout. The landmarks are the financial district, Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts, victorian houses, cable car, and the Golden Gate bridge.
Too Coy:
10"x10" stained glass & glass beads on MDF. This is a donated piece for the Doctors Without Borders exhibition and auction.
Holy Cow: 9"x13" stained glass on plywood. The black spots on the dairy cow were cut out with a jigsaw. So, this is also a "holey" cow.
Converging Koi:
12"x16" piece contains smalti, stained glass, glass beads, mille, and fused glass made by Martin Cheek, on 1/4" MDF. Grouted with Captains Blue grout.
Majestic Monarch:
8"x10" stained glass mosaic on MDF with custom glass fusings. The monarch butterfly is flying over a field of black-eyed susan flowers.
Full Moon Hooter:
8"x8" mosaic with stained glass, fused glass, millefiore on MDF, with midnight blue grout. I sunk the yellow piece for the moon by chiseling into the MDF, so that the moon was flush with the board. Tree limbs were fire-polished;  fused owl was made earlier.
Table-top mini-heart globe. One of 15 mosaic hearts made for Institute of Mosaic Art to support the S.F. General Hospital Foundation.
Butterfly garden: Size: 24" x 30" (unframed)
Materials: Stained glass, fused glass, dichroic glass, millefiore, carnelian, yellow quartz, glass nuggets, and brass wire. I made all the fused butterflies and based them on real butterflies, but with my own color variations.
Portrait of Mike: 12"x12" stained glass & millefiore on MDF, with summer wheat grout. Mosaic portrait of MIke, Carol Shelkin's neighbor.
Year of the Dragon Mosaic:
10"x12" stained glass, vitreous glass, smalti (Italian, Mexican & gold), sici tiles, fused glass. dichroic glass, on hardiboard, with rose colored grout.
Red, Red Pansies:
12"x16" mosaic with stained glass, fused glass, glass paints and summer wheat grout on MDF. The petals in the flowers have been fired in the kiln, and a few of the flowers have curled up petals.
Dragonfly Landing:
9"x11" mosaic of a dragonfly landing on a water lily in a pond. Contains stained glass, fused glass and millefiore, with custom red and dark blue grout.
9.5"x7.5" mosaic layered on glass. Contains fused class, tempered glass, dichroic glass, glass rods, beads, scrapbook paper.
Mama Panda and Cub:
14"x14" mosaic, with fused glass for the pandas and the bamboo, art glass for the background. This piece is a tribute to the mama panda and the panda cub recently born at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., and to all other mothers who have recently given birth.
Swallowtail Paradise:
16"x20" mosaic panel with stained glass and custom fused glass elements.
Goldfish Family: 10"x14" mosaic on wediboard, containing stained glass, fused glass and assorted gemstones.
Cherry Blossom Mosaic, 8"x13". Contains bas-relief branches, and fused glass blossoms with raised petals.
Bloom's Aflutter: 18"x18" stained glass with glass fusion in the center, on Wedi board. My contribution to the group project for the JCC (Jewish Commuity Center)
Making of the Fortune Cookie:
Mosaic Sculpture
Concrete Fortune Cookie form (click to enlarge)
This is an 18"x18"x10" lightweight fortune cookie form made of concrete, styrofoam and fiberglass mesh. A styrofoam form is carved and covered with fiberglass mesh and concrete. I learned this technique at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, in the Lightweight Concrete Sculpture class.
Dragon Design ready for glass mosaic (click to enlarge)
Dragon design in color pencil (click to enlarge)
To visualize the design, I sketched the dragon on paper with color pencil, then folded it into a paper fortune cookie. The paper cookie made a nice guide for transferring the design to the form. The head of the dragon starts on top, the body snakes around the cookie and the tail ends up on the bottom.
The stained glass, Van Gogh glass, glass beads and nuggets are cut into pieces with a glass nipper, and attached to the concrete form with thinset. The dragon's body is filled in first, then the background.

Top side of cookie partially set (shows dragon's tail & body) - Click to enlarge
Bottom side of cookie partially set (shows dragon's head & body) - Click to enlarge
Cookie fully set (Pre-grout) - Click to enlarge
Here is the completed cookie before grouting.

The completed fortune cookie, after grouting.