Here is a collection of fused glass pieces. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view a larger image and a description of the pieces, then scroll through the pictures with the navigation buttons by clicking on the left or right sides of the pictures.
Fused Glass Gallery
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9" Fused Bamboo Plate.4"x4" Fused Fish tile. Fish and kelp have movement and depth.5" fused mini-lamp with bamboo design.Fused Garden: Painterly fused glass piece with stained glass and powdered frit. Technique learned from Lisa Vogt. (design by Lisa)Fused Peacock Feather: Painterly fused glass piece with stained glass and powdered frit. Technique learned from Lisa Vogt. (design by Lisa)Embossed Horse: 9"x9" stained glass floral border panel with a colored glass piece of an embossed horse in the center.Fused Glass Collage casting that is 1/2" thick and is heavy. There are dichroic slides, copper inclusions, stringers, glass pieces, and assorted dodads on different layers. This piece was given to my wife for her birthday.Fused coaster using pieces that were inked using enamels and rubber stamps. Fused tree made using a special mud, and the leaves are tempered glass colored with special colorant. The painted wash in the background is on a second layer of glass behind the tree.6"x6" bas-relief (embossed) monarch butterfly. 1/2" thick (4 layers) piece made by carving and stacking 3 layers of fiber paper and fusing a thick slab of glass over the layered fiber paper.3 tack-fused monarch butterflies. They are flat now, but will be slumped slightly in the wings to look like they are flying. Two of these will be included in mosaics. They are 3"x6" each. Fused Butterflies: Set 2 - These are based on photos of real butterflies. The top 2 are called leopard lacewings, middle 2 are peacock butterflies, not sure of the bottom 3. Each are between 3" to 4" wide.Fused Butterflies: Set 3 - Another set of fused butterflies, plus 2 caterpillars, and some with folded wings. The striped ones on top are zebra longwings. Fused Butterflies: Set 4 - Another set of fused glass butterflies - small, medium and large, plus 4 caterpillars. Like the rainbow monarch? Male monarchs have the 2 black spots on lower wings. The 4 small butterflies are suitable for brooches.10" diameter, 1/2" thick fused bowl. The stripes were made by stacking 3/8" strips of glass on the edges on top of a clear round base. This was full fused into a disk. The edges were cold-worked (ground on lap-wheel). Then the disk was fired again into a round bowl mold.Peacock Feather Plate:
10"x10" fused glass plate. The center square is a 6x6 peacock feather piece with frit that I made two years ago. The plate was slumped into a square drop-out mold.Pattern Bar Bowl:
Black, white, purple, yellow and orange 8"x8" pattern bar bowl.Fused Quilt Square Bowl:
8"x8" fused bowl, made to look like a quilt square. Center portion made with square pattern bar that I made earlier and cut diagonally.Fused Quilt Square Plate:
10"x10" fused plate, made to look like a quilt block. Center portion made with square pattern bar that I made earlier and cut diagonally.8.5" Fused Striped PlateSpidermum Quilt Block:
6"x6" fused mosaic quilt block for the ASGLA 2013 Calendar.Glasswing:
6"x6" fused glass mosaic of a yellow nasturtium with a glasswing butterfly flying over it. This is a donated piece for the 2012 Doctors Without Borders exhibition and auction.Fused Flowers Set 1.Fused Flowers Set 2.Water Lily, Lotus FlowerCombed Heart Plate:
7" fused glass plate. Strips of glass and glass circles layered into a round ring, then combed, flattened and formed into a plate.Fused Glass Fern Plate:
10"x10" fused glass plate with feathered ferns. The fern piece in the center started as a 1/2" thick piece containing light, dark and aventurine green glass that was combed in the kiln. After re-firing to 1/4" thick, a green border was added and then slumped into a plate.Image Transfer to Glass:
6"x6" and 4 layers thick. The Image of the horse is fused on the bottom layer, and the image of the tree is fused on the top layer.30th Anniversary Plate:
A fused glass plate made for my wife Becky for our 30th anniversary. The center piece is an image transfer I made  from our wedding photo. I then added the border and the calligraphy in gold ink.KKaleidescopic Butterfly:
11.5"x11.5" fused mosaic quilt, with bits of dichroic glass for the bodies and spots on the wings. The border has alternating strips of glass that has been stamped with enamel and silver mica.White Morpho Butterfly Fused Plate:
8"x10" fused plate with a mosaic of a white morpho butterfly in the center, and the border strips of glass that has been stamped with a butterfly design. The butterfly is based on a photo of a white morpho in the book "One Hundred Butterflies" by Harold Feinstein.Fused Glass ladybugs, each approx. 1".Fused glass bumblebees. Large bee, approx 3.5", small bees approx 1-1/4".Fused Glass Dragonflies:
The large dragonfly is 5-1/4" x 3-1/2" (13cm x 9cm), small ones are 1-3/4" x 1-1/2" (4.5cm x 3.7cm). The large one sits on the wire legs about 1/4" off the table.Fused Glass Swallowtail Butterfly plate. 10"x10". Butterfly wings were combed in the kilnFused Glass Butterflies: Based on actual butterflies; wingspan of each around 7".
1) Blue Swallowtail
2) Queen Alexandra's Birdwing
3) Old World Swallowtail
Fused Glass Butterflies: Based on actual butterflies; wingspan of each around 7".
1) Black-Veined White
2) The Viceroy
3) Tiger SwallowtailFused Glass Fancy Fish - Set 1. Some tropical fish and some goldfish.Fused Glass Fancy Fish - Set 2. More tropical fish and  goldfish.Cool Koi:
This is an 8"x10" double-sided fused mosaic koi piece. It is 4 layers thick, with the middle 2 layers of clear glass. It is like doing a glass-on-glass-on-glass mosaic except that instead of using grout, I use powdered frit to fill the "grout lines" and then full-fused it twice.Lovebirds: 6"x6" fused glass mosaic. The design is from the "Tropical Breezes" book by Leslie Gibbs, and adapted for fused mosaics. This piece is a sample for the Fused Glass Mosaics class I will be teaching at Delphi Glass on Sept 13, 2015.Rooster: 6"x6" fused glass mosaic.Macaw: 6"x6" fused glass mosaic.Tein Koi: 6"x6" fused glass mosaic.Plumerias: 6"x6" double-sided fused glass mosaic.Luna Moth: 6"x6" double-sided fused glass mosaic.Golden Koi: 8"x10" double-sided fused glass mosaic.Picnic anyone?: 8"x8" fused glass checked plate with cherries and strawberries.Basket Weave Plate: 8"x8" fused glass plate with inlocking glass strips.American Flag: 6"x9". woven fused glass basket weave, shaped into an S-curve so it stands up by itself.