Welcome to the Glasstastique Studio website. Located in San Jose, California, Glasstastique Studio has over 30  years experience in stained glass, and nine years in mosaics. Our specialty is the design and construction of Tiffany-style lamps. We build large and small-scale windows, lamps and 3-D stained glass works of art. We also design and construct small and medium sized mosaic panels and sculptures.

The name is derived from the words Glass and Fantastique. The French term le fantastique denotes a genre of fiction which is known in English as fantastic or fantasy. Stained glass and mosaics are wonderful media for depicting the natural and fantasy worlds. The rooster in the logo depicts Wesley's Chinese astrological sign. Those people born in the year of the Rooster are observant, precise and accurate. These are qualities that we infuse into every project.

We welcome requests for custom and commission stained glass, mosaics, and fused glass projects. Send us an email or contact us directly from the contact page.

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Glasstastique Studio
Custom Stained Glass and Mosaic Art
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